“Catford 1968” – Feedback from audience members, as shown in “The Making of Catord 1968” Documentary

“I was absolutely blown away – it was really good.” (Parent)

“Our director Ros is – words fail me to describe her patience and her calm and her being positive in the midst of all kinds of things going wrong! She’s a perfectly wonderful director and we’re extremely lucky to have her running this show.” (Father Charles, Vicar of St Laurence Church.)

“The kids were brilliant; the kids were really good. It’s great to see them take part in an activity outside the normal school activity and also making new friends. And it’s good that all the kids from different schools came together.” (Parent)

“I really liked the interactions and the chemistry between everyone; everyone was just got along really great and the acting was so adorable.” (Parent)

“It helped young people understand where they’re coming from ’cause things have changed over the years and I think it certainly created deeper understanding of what Catford was like and perhaps more of an appreciation of the place they’re living in and the different culture and heritages that it has and for young and old to come together – that in itself was hugely beneficial and know some of the old people have met some of the younger people (since the show) and they’ve been able to say hello! and they perhaps hadn’t been able to do that before, so it connects young and old.” (Lesley Allen, Diamond Club, Elder Performer)

“I really, really enjoyed the performance – it was very rememberable…. I have to give a very big thank you to all the cast (directors) – Annie, Catherine and Ros, because it was a very great opportunity, not just for me but for everyone.” (Malachi Britto – Child Performer)

“People say, ‘Oh, the kids of today! They’re all doing this that and the other’… and if you actually go into their schools or go and see a play …  they are really, really well behaved on the whole.” (David Blyth – Elder Performer)

“Two things I enjoyed most – one was the riots in the church hall which I loved – the Grosvenor Square beautifully re-enacted – all that play-fighting going on and nobody got hurt, despite some very realistic impressions of fighting!…Secondly, I enjoyed ‘This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” because that was the complete opposite – it was the anthem of peace.” (Father Charles, Vicar of St Laurence Church.)

“The children and the parents – they so readily made friends and produced this wonderful cameraderie.”(Ray Williams, Ageing Well in Lewisham – Elder Performer)

“There was even children and parents exchanging numbers!”
“It brought people together. It was a brilliant project. I think Ros is brilliant!”
“Ros and Annie (directors) – yeah, tip top!”
(Kate Middleton, Marleen Lewis, Ageing Well in Lewisham – Elder Performers)

See video of The Making of Catford 1968 here (Scroll to “Show Day” to see audience feedback): http://outbursttheatre.com/1968-catford/


Previous Projects:

“What a fantastic week! I think all the workshops worked very well and ensured all had a go at everything.  Your staff were great in keep all ages engaged and I never heard the word ‘bored’ once!” –   Tracey Parry, Carers Bromley – Performing Arts half Term Project for Young Carers

“We felt Outburst’s staff remained professional throughout the week and were always kind and friendly to all the children.  The end result showed the young carers had all learnt something new and enjoyed themselves!”    –   Tracey Parry, Carers Bromley, 2014 -Performing Arts half Term Project for Young Carers

“a huge thank you for yesterday, which worked exceptionally well, and was enjoyed by all. Just the right atmosphere and degree of hilarity”  – Fr Charles, School Governor for Rushey Green Primary School, Catford, 2013

“Absolutely enchanting! Pitched perfectly for the age group. Lovely to have something free for the community.” – Parent comment at May Day Celebration, Albion Millennium Green, 2011

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