Hypnotica Poi

Hypnotica Poi Ros ParkerHypnotica Poi dance shows are for club nights, corporate events, private parties and festivals. Glow-poi and fire-poi spinning bring you into a euphoric, hypnotic trance. Bliss out and sit back… let the spirals take you away…

Glow hula-hoop is also available with Hypnotica dance show bookings. Please specify if you would like this included.

Prices: Hypnotica Poi dance show starts at £280.00 and increases depending on location, time, number of dancers needed and fire show requirements.

What to expect: Dancers will either use an allocated space for several appearances of poi-dancing within a 2 – 3 hour period, or they will mingle with the party crowd as and when appropriate. Please let us know what kind of space you will be in and how many guests you are expecting.

Hypnotica glow and fire performers can be hired in London and worldwide for private party entertainment, corporate events and festivals.


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