About us

Outburst Theatre began in South-East London in 2010 as a platform for independent performing artists to test our material, learn from each other and to teach our skills to children and adults. We now operate in Forest Row and Tunbridge Wells, as well as maintaining a London link.

Outburst’s Artistic Director and one of our main performers is Rosalind Parker who trained at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. Since graduating in 2000, she has performed and directed in theatre, dance and circus productions around the UK. She has extensive teaching experience and strives to make her approach accessible to children and adults of all backgrounds and abilities. She is also the founder and creator of The Bedlam Bunch (immersive comedy fantasy theatre for kids), sister company to Outburst Theatre.

Ros’s strong personal belief is that we all should have the opportunity and freedom to share fully whatever it is we carry inside us, before it gets lost. Theatre and the arts make this possible, within supportive and safe environments.

Many actors and performers will tell you that during their professional training, they have to re-learn how to play. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? But as adults, we have accumulated many restrictions, expectations, standards and preconceptions that can block our freedom to create spontaneously. Once inhibitions are broken, theatre is made. Outburst Theatre’s main ambition is to feed the playfulness in each of us and enjoy the surprises it brings.

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